Untamed Love

Peter Hunnigale aka Mr Honeyvibes was born in south London on December, 12 of 1960. Peter Hunnigale was to develop into one of Britain's most formidable reggae “Lovers Rock” artist of our time. It was clear at a tender age Peter's main interest was in music and being born of Jamaican parentage he was exposed and influenced by music of West Indian culture.  

Growing up in Britain meant that Peter Hunnigale was also open to other genres of music and with seeing the popular acts of the day perform on television and hearing the songs on the radio Peter knew what he wanted to be. Peter is also a great musician and did live work with reggae legends such as The Chosen Few, The Pioneers, B.B. Seaton and many others. While earning the respect of their peers as a competent bassist and qualified engineer, he won a best newcomer award at the Celebrity Awards in 1987, and won Best British Reggae Album at the British Reggae Industry Awards the same year.

Untamed Love is an UFO in Peter Hunnigale’s career, recorded at Omega studio (London) and originally released on the Cosmic label in 1986. Some people have no words to describe it. You can call it britboogie, rare funk, sick jam, musical bomb, or god jam, whatever it’s typical mid 80's tune with a rythmic backgound sound that is captivating and memorable, thanks to heavyweight synth and awesome vocal. If you are about to discover this song, make sure you are sit down when you listen to it because this song will blow you down « hey girl i like the way you smile ».

Release date: March, 17 of 2017

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Untamed Love

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